What people say about the MagneTrainer

Bought this bike to use under my desk while reading at work. I needed to regain strength in my quads following a knee injury. My colleague recommended the bike, having owned the previous version for about 10 years. This one is much improved: better stability, more resistance and smoother operation. So far, I have no complaints.

I recently purchased the Deskcycle and I could not be happier! I am at uni full time with a family at home so squeezing in exercise was getting very tricky. Now, as I study I cycle away and I am noticing awesome benefits from it. I have always had quite poor circulation in my legs but this has already improved after a few weeks and I feel so much better. This really is an awesome machine and so quiet to use. Thanks so much. Kyla

I purchased this so that I could “cycle” at work. I have a very sedentary desk job and needed something that could increase my heart rate and help with circulation and begin to change my metabolism. It is very sturdy and quiet and when applying the magnetic tension it has the potential to get the heart rate up. I would recommend it to anyone!